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About the Bureau of Dangerous Goods

Since 1982, businesses of every size around the world use our products to help improve workplace efficiency and make the world a safer place. We provide hazmat training seminars, compliance software applications, UN certified packaging, and consulting solutions to the transportation industry for multi-modal dangerous goods transport.
The Bureau of Dangerous Goods, Ltd., established in 1982, specializes in the domestic and international issues of dangerous goods transportation. It has achieved global recognition from various governments and commercial enterprises in the disciplines of dangerous goods regulations, including: We offer software, regulatory training and packaging solutions for the safe and efficient transport of dangerous goods. We support our clients with technical expertise in legal matters, consulting and productivity enhancements for their respective companies.

We utilize state of the art solutions in the handling of dangerous goods through our products for airlines like the internet based software Hazmat® and NOTOC Navigator®, and for shippers and freight forwarders, our internet based software ShipHazmat®.net, as well as an entire line of dangerous goods packagings and supplies.

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